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NOTE - Due to the sensitivity of Tipi we DO NOT allow Children or Pets.

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Have you ever slept under the stars?

If you are looking for an amazing lifetime experience, we believe you have found it at Lost Indian Camp! Glamping under the stars by a babbling creek on land that was once Cherokee Indian trails. Sleep in our authentic Native American Tipi nestled in the North Georgia mountains. Anyone can rent a cabin or hotel room but not many can say that they have slept in a Tipi.

Tipi under the stars at Lost Indian Camp

Get Lost at Lost Indian Camp

Step back in time while you experience outstanding service and hospitality!

Tipi night at Lost Indian Camp

Crossing the Appalachian Mountains to Fort Loudoun (now Tennessee), the first settlers followed the Tennessee River south. Where they took the Ocoee-Toccoa to the wide, fertile valley that separates the Cohuttas and the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fannin County. Coastal Georgians began to push the Cherokee further west. This land was surrendered by the Cherokee in 1835 under the terms of the Treaty of New Echota. In 1838 the Cherokee were forced to leave in a tragedy today known as the Trail of Tears.

Explaining Creek and Cherokee Dwellings. Long ago, Georgia was a home to many American Indians. Some lived in the mountains and others lived in the river valleys. The two big tribes in Georgia were Creek and the Cherokee. These tribes built complex cities, some of their buildings sat on top of large mounds, which are still visible today. Their homes were normally rectangular in shape made of clay daub and also river cane with grass thatched roofs.

We at Lost Indian Camp realize that our Tipi is NOT indigenous to these native tribes for this area. We are not depicting that the Cherokee or Creek tribes lived in Tipis. Our Tipi is Sioux design and has many different Native American designs inside of it.

So please just enjoy the simplicity of our luxurious Tipi and embrace the amazing experience at Lost Indian Camp.

The shape and design of tipis are made to stay warm during winter and cool during summer. Modern tipis follow the same shape and general design as historical tipis have, but use different materials.

The modern tipis are now equipped to help ensure each guest is comfortable, offering beds and unique decor as well as amenities to ensure for an unforgettable experience in nature. That is exactly what you will find at Lost Indian Camp.

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Morganton, Georgia 30560